Delivery Robot

[JHU Deliverbot]

[JHU Deliverbot]

Autonomous delivery - built by students.

We're building a campus delivery robot

The JHU Deliverbot team was formed for two reasons:
  1. To provide students with practical, hands-on robotics experience
  2. To create a low-cost, student-governed autonomous delivery service for Homewood Campus

What we do - Subsystems


Designs and constructs all mechanical components of robot. Work includes CAD modeling, machining, laser-cutting, welding, and physical construction of robot.


Handles most things electrical and electronic on the robot. Work includes PCB design, sensor integration, firmware programming, and power system design.


Develops autonomous navigation system software. Work includes implementing path planning and localization algorithms, controls, and server backend development.

Our Robot

Four wheel drive + heavy-duty suspension inspired by off-road racing
15×12×12-inch insulated food-safe cargo compartment
5 mph speed, 8 hour endurance, campus-wide operating range
Safe, intelligent onboard obstacle avoidance and navigation system

Contact us

Student Involvement Fair

We are featured in the Johns Hopkins Robotics Club's booth at the SIF fair. Come visit!


You can reach us via the Robotics Club at .


JHRC Semester Kickoff Event (9/6/22 @ 6:00 PM (still TBD) - Hackerman Hall B17)

Our supporters

Delivery Robot
Delivery Robot